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2018 Routine Service - Pay Upfront for 10% Discount

Sign-up for our Routine Service to ensure your landscape is properly maintained year-round. Clients that pay ahead for the season will receive a 10% discount. This special runs until April 1.

We tailor the services offered to the needs of your landscape. Our routine services include mowing, edging, trimming, weeding, shrub trimming, dog-waste removal, food waste collection, and general clean-up .

Receive a Quote

Click here to submit a work request. A member of our sales team will reply within an hour.

How Early Bird Deal Works - 10% Off for the Season

We will prepare a quote. The quote will contain the start date, price per visit, and number of planned visits. The product of price per visit times the number of planned visits equals the total price for the season. A 10% discount will be applied the total price for the season.

For example a client that subscribes to bi-weekly service, with quoted price of $30, and a start date of April 4. They would pay (16*30 = 480) $480 for the season. By choosing to pay ahead for the season, the client would be billed $432 prior to beginning service. A savings of $42.

At the end of the season or upon cancellation/suspension Townhome Landscapes will refund the client for any visits under the invoiced/quoted amount. In the previous example, say the client notifies in June that they are moving out of state and would like to cancel. We would refund them ((10*30).9= 270) $270 dollars for ten incomplete visits.

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