Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process for receiving a quote?

To receive a quote, click the "Request Work" button in the header of and submit your information. A Sales Rep will confirm that we received your submission via your preferred communication channel(s) and email you a questionnaire so that we can accurately and efficiently qualify the project(s) that you would like to complete. If you prefer, call us at 202-684-2477 and a Sales Rep will complete the questionnaire, based on your responses over the phone. After receiving your completed questionnaire, your Sales Rep will review your responses and determine if your project(s) is qualified or if more action is required to accurately qualify the project(s). If we determine more action is required to accurately qualify the scope of work required to complete your project, we often ask the potential client to submit photos/video of the areas to be serviced. Send photos/video to from the email address we have on file. If the Sales Rep determines photos/videos are not enough to qualify the scope of work, they will reach out to coordinate a Site Assessment. Upon completing the Site Assessment, we will have qualified the projects. Finally, the Sales Rep will email the client when their quote has been created, with a link to view the quote in the client hub and make the deposit, if required.

Is there a cost for receiving a quote?

No, quotes are free for all services - maintenance & one-time. However, there may be a cost for your design, depending on the design plan you select - Template, Sketch, or Planned.

How do I accept a quote and schedule service?

The client must accept the quote and/or make the required deposit, before we will schedule service. Upon performing either of these actions, your quote will be converted to a job and you will receive a notification confirming your project has been scheduled for the date suggested in your quote. A concrete start date is not always able to be suggested, i.e.. other construction must be conducted first. In this case, we will wait for the clients direction in scheduling the project.

How do I view my quote?

You will receive an email when your quote is created and shared with you. This email will contain a link to the Client Hub, where you can view, accept and request changes to your quote. Access the "Client Hub" directly by visiting Townhome Landsacpes and clicking the button in the upper right hand corner.

Is Financing Available?

Yes, for One Time Service. Visit the "Financing" page to learn more about financing your project with Townhome Landscapes, through our affiliate, SplitIt.


How do I know when my next scheduled visit is?

Log into your Client Hub and select the "Appointments" tab found on the menu on the left side of your screen to view the next six scheduled services.

When can I alter/suspend/cancel maintenance service?

Clients can change the frequency of service, suspend or cancel service up to 24 hours prior to the next scheduled visit/appointment.

How can I alter/suspend/cancel maintenance service?

Email that you would like to alter, suspend or cancel maintenance service. Please send the email from the email address that you put on file, so that we can easily associate your request with your name in our system(s).

Does ThL guarantee arrival at a certain time?

We cannot guarantee we will arrive at a certain time. The time that our Operations team visits can be different each appointment, as we optimize the route each morning by 7 AM that morning. Feel free to contact us at or 202-410-6030 to get an update on the time that the Townhome Landscapes crew will arrive. We will provide you with a four hour window for which we will visit during.

When will I be assessed a Long Grass Fee?

When the height of grass on your lawn is above 6" in some or all portions, we reserve the ability to bill the client a seperate line item for a "Long Grass Fee"; we reserve the ability to charge up to 100% of the price per visit for this line item, and take additional time and wear & tear on the equipment into consideration.

What happens to my Food Waste?

The food waste is delivered to PG Organics facility where it is converted into Leaf Gro brand compost. You can find this compost in Home Depot, and know that you are doing your part to reduce the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills.


Must someone be present at the property during the time of service?

Nobody has to be at the properety for the property to be serviced. If there are parts of the designated area to be serviced that are typically inaccessible due to a locked fence or other obstacle we will need to be given instructions to access. If we are not given access or instruction on how to access the property we will service only the areas that we have access to. You will be charged the full amount.

How does payment work?

Payment in full is due at the completion of all services. One-Time For one-time work, we require that a deposit be made before service is scheduled. - For deposits that are $300, or less, we accept payment through the "Client Hub". - For deposits greater than $300, we will include a link with your quote, to make payment via PayPal We offer financing for clients who prefer to split payment into 3,12 or 24 monthly payments through SplitIt. If this is something you are interested in, make it known on the questionnaire and we will include a link to check-out Maintenance Lawn & Annual Maintenance For lawn and annual maintenance, we do not require a deposit. Payment is due after each visit. Clients are able to make payment, via the Client Hub, and will also receive invoices and confirmation of payment via email and/or text. In the Client Hub, the client can choose to store their card on file, so that our Accounting team can charge the card after each visit. It is not required that clients save their card on file. Seasonal Maintenance For seasonal maintenance, we may require a deposit, especially when there is a cost of material associated with the maintenance, i.e. replacing mulch, planting annuals.

What is the Client Hub?

The Client Hub is the webpage where existing clients enter their email to view all past and future appointments, manage their quotes, and invoices, submit new work request. Click the "Access Client Hub" button in the header and a new tab will open to access the Client Hub. Enter your email and verify your email address to access the Client Hub.


How are credit cards securely stored?

When is payment due?

Payment may work differently for Routine Maintenance vs One-Time Service. Please see below. Routine Maintenance - Payment in full is due upon the completion of each visit. One-Time Service - A deposit may be due prior to work being schedule, this will be outlined in your quote. The remaining balance is due upon the completion of your project.

How is payment made?

A deposit may be required before we schedule work, find your quote for details. After work is complete, we will email/text the final invoice which will contain the amount that is due. A 3% Transaction Fee is added to the required deposit/invoiced amount, but can be avoided through select methods of payment We take payment via check, online payment, financing through SplitIt and cash (long live cash). Please see below for more details. Check (No Transaction Fee) Checks should be made out to Treehous, LLC. Cash (No Transaction Fee) Cash should be handed to a Treehous employee in a sealed envelope with your name, the date, and invoice number(s) written on it. Cash App (No Transaction Fee) Follow the link to make payment via Cash App Online Payment The quote (if deposit is required) and final invoice will contain a link to make payment via credit card. Financing Apply for financing through SplitIt. If you qualify make interest free, periodic payments, instead of paying for your project all at once.


How do clients receive credit for completing a promotion?

Clients will receive email receipt confirming that their account has been credited for the correct amount, once the conditions of the promotion are met.

Does Townhome Landscapes really only charge new clients $20 for their first mow?

Yes. We do reserve the ability to charge a long grass fee. The most that new clients will pay for the first service (with long grass fee applied) is $40. We will time how long the first visit takes and use this information to create a new quote for lawn maintenance, going forward.

How do I refer new business/clients to Townhome Landscapes?

Either the referring person or the person being referred can click this link and complete the form, to get credit with Townhome Landscapes.

1x Service

How is the required deposit calculated?

The required deposit is the cost of labor and materials and is not a set percentage.


What are the steps to receiving a design?

To receive a design, 1) Click the "Request A Free Quote" button and complete the questionnaire. 2) Open the email from Townhome Landscapes containing the "One-Time Service Questionnaire" and complete it. 3) To help determine if a Site Assessment is required, we may request photos/video. If this is the case, send photos/video to 4) If required, we will visit the property for a Site Assessment.
Make Payment (If Required) Check your inbox for an invoice. if you requested a Plan or Sketch Design in the "One-Time Service" questionnaire. If you select a Plan Design, you will receive an invoice for $100 deposit. If you select a Sketch Design, you will receive There is no cost to receive a Template Design; ignore this step if you requested the Template Design. 5) Open the email confirming that we are ready to begin your design and confirming when you should expect to receive your design and quote.

What happens if you would like to see alterations to the design I received?

Communicate the alterations you would like see or concerns you have with the design to If the requested alterations are minimal, we willl reply with an updated design. However, if the alternations requested required significant rework to the design, we will require payment be made for a new design. Rework on designs are billed at $33 an hour.

How do I receive my design?

Your design is included in your quote.

Site Assessment

What is a Site Assessment

A site assessment is a visit, during which a Crew Leader visits the property to determine the scope of the requested work (taking measurements, photos and videos, and more) so we can create an accurate quote.

Is a Site Assessment always necessary?

No, a site assessment is only required for projects with a scope of work that is difficult to accurate determine from photos/videos sent in by the client.

Does someone have to be present for a Site Assessment?

No, we do need any information required to access the property. Though not required, meeting someone on the property is usually helpful, especially if they can share their thoughts further on a walkthrough. Afterwards, the crew leader will still need to conduct their own walkthrough around the property.

Is the Site Assessment free?

If we are given 1-7 days to visit your property, so that we visit on a day we are in your neighborhood (See our Service Area Map), there is no cost. To schedule a site assessment on a specific date/time there may be a cost associated with our visit.