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Thanks for using our website to get stuff done. We appreciate how hard it is to find a landscaper that consistantly meets expectations.

Townhome Landscapes was formed as an LLC in 2015.  We provide premium landscape maintenance and design to small to medium sized residential and commercial properties in DC, and select areas in Maryland and Virginia.  Our clients include renters, home owners, HOA's, realtors, commercial properties and property managers.  
We pride ourselves on treating each job as if we were working on our own home.  Our focus is on great communication and on-time delivery of the desired job.
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  1. Payment and Delinquency:


    • A down payment is required before the start of any contract: the amount of the down payment will be stated in the contract. Making the down payment will constitute affirmation of the contract and bind all parties involved to the terms of the contract. The contract cannot and will not begin without completion of the down payment. We also require a hand signed copy of the contract which will include the signatures from all involved parties and an admission of the completion of the down payment. A copy of the contract will be provided to clients.


    • Payment for services rendered is due within thirty (15) days of the completion of the term of the contract. This does not include the portion of the cost required as down payment which is due prior to the start of the contract.


    • If payment is not completed within thirty (15) days of the completion of the term of the contract without written authorization from OfficeBounce for a payment period extension, you will be charged a compounding interest of 36% APR until payment is completed.


  1. Failure to Meet the Terms of the Contract:


    • If you feel Townhome Landscapes or its affiliates failed to uphold their end of the contract, you are required to submit a complaint to Townhome Landscapes directly within ten (10) days of the completion of the period of the contract. After which you will be notified of what you must provide and what steps must be taken to resolve the issue. Townhome Landscapes will directly arbitrate the matter and consider all evidence and testimony from all involved parties to determine the best course of action within sixty (60) days of the initial submission of the complaint.


    • If the accused party repudiates the charge of a failure to meet contractual terms during the period of the contract. Evidence from the accusing party will be required to prove a failure to meet the standards of the contract: inability to provide evidence at all, or that proves the accused party was at fault, will require Townhome Landscapes to dismiss the claim of the accusing party.


    • If Townhome Landscapes accepts the claim of the accusing party, or after repudiation by the accused party, and the accusing party provides evidence proving Townhome Landscapes is at fault. Townhome Landscapes will be required to accept the claim made by the accusing party. If a claim is accepted, Townhome Landscapes will determine appropriate recompense to be provided to the accusing party, by the guilty party. Indemnities will not be paid for any expense incurred by the accusing party during the period of time where the matter is under arbitration.


    • Townhome Landscapes reserves the right to make the decision of when arbitration on a matter should be outsourced to a federal court of law.


  1. Maintenance Schedule:


    • During the routine maintenance season, we will always do our best to stick to the schedule we have generated. Our priorities are to keep our promises to our clients, ensuring the health of the lawn and the safety of our workers. Due to weather conditions and other factors out of our control we may be forced to change when we complete the cycle of routine maintenance to make sure we adhere to our priorities. If this happens, any client affected by the schedule change will be given advanced warning.

    • If we are forced to remove a whole week or more from the schedule because of any event out of our control, Townhome Landscapes will move back the service dates of all clients by the number of days missed.

    • Request of additional work to be completed that is not covered by signed contracts will be denied by all crew workers. Amendment to the contract will not necessarily change the price of the contract.

      1. If a crew leader preforms any task outside those listed in the contract, Townhome Landscapes will not be held responsible for any damages, injuries or complication caused as a result of those actions.

      2. A crew leader decision to preform or permit any action not covered by the contract is grounds for termination of employment.


  1. Terms of Employment:


    • All perspective employees will first have to complete a background check and a written test.

      1. Successful completion of both the background check and the written exam will lead to a probationary period of employment lasting no less than one week and no more than one month. The probationary period will begin only after the signing of all required paper work.

      2. During this time all perspective employees will be trained and tested on all applicable skills

      3. Townhome Landscapes reserves the right to terminate employment at any time and for any reason during the probationary period.

    • Successful completion of the probationary period will lead to full employment.

      1. Employment will be subject to the ability of an employee to uphold and maintain the standards of Townhome Landscapes.

      2. Crew leaders will be responsible for ensuring the completion of the schedules they are assigned.

      3. Crew leaders will be responsible for ensuring the equipment is used properly and safely and all jobs are completed to our standards in a safe and efficient manner.


Copy and Pasted from other ToS


  1. No Waiver. Neither Party waives any right under this Agreement by failing to insist on compliance with any of the terms of this Agreement or by failing to exercise any right hereunder. Any waivers granted hereunder are effective only if recorded in a writing signed by the Party granting such waiver.


  1. Governing Law, Venue, and Jurisdiction. This Agreement is governed by Texas law, excluding its conflicts of law rules. Developer irrevocably submits to venue and exclusive personal jurisdiction in the federal and state courts in Travis County, Texas, for any dispute arising out of this Agreement, and waives all objections to jurisdiction and venue of such courts.


  1. Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is determined by any court or governmental authority to be unenforceable, the Parties intend that this Agreement be enforced as if the unenforceable provisions were not present and that any partially valid and enforceable provisions be enforced to the extent that they are enforceable.


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