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Townhome Landscapes offers a wide array of services that add long term value to your landscape.  These services are sure to increase the curb appeal and sustainability of a landscape.  Use the menu on the right side of the screen to navigate between service categories that we offer.  If you would like a service done you do not see listed, it is still worth requesting a proposal as we are a one-stop shop for premium quality, low risk landscaping services.  

Flower Bed Improvement


 Design Creation and Installation 


 Clear Overgrowth 


 Pruning and Trimming 


 Living Soil Delivery 


Dump Hauling

 Power Washing 




 Turf Improvement 

Spring Season: February 25 - April 10 & Fall Season: September 1 - November 1


Minimum Cost

 Service Description

Minimum Cost


We will remove dead grass and weeds from the lawn using flat shovel and rake.  We will weed by hand in the process.  We will leave healthy grass undisturbed.  We will remove healthy and unhealthy grass.


We will cover patches with topsoil/compost mix to ensure level surface and apply grass seed going east to west and north to south and finally addressing patches.  We will water in grass seed thoroughly, rake to cover seeds with soil and top with straw to keep seeds moist and protected from pests.   

Sod Installation

We will
-remove the top layer of soil to remove established grass/vegetation
-regrade area to ensure sod will be flush with the surface and ensure proper drainage
-apply thin layer of topsoil/compost mix
-lay out sod, hiding seams in the process
-water in the sod thoroughly



We will aerate the soil using an aeration machine.