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Food Waste Collection

Townhome Landscapes collects food waste and drops it off at a compost production facility.  This compost is sent to our sister company, Miracle Soil, who uses the compost as a foundational component in it's organic living soil mixes.

Benefits of Composting

Recycle Waste - 40% of food never makes it to the table
Reduce Dangerous Greenhouse Gas Emissions - In landfills, food waste produces methane
Decrease Rate that Landfills Reach Capacity - 20% of landfill mass is food waste
Carbon Sequestration -  Reduce Carbon Footprint, return carbon to the soil
Increase Resiliency & Availability of Local Produce - Compost is natural fertilizer & improves soil structure
Qualify for Green Certification, i.e LEED - Increase property value

Our Services

Residential Collection

We visit your property on a weekly or bi-weekly frequency.

We remove the bag with food waste, leave a new biodegradable

bag and clean your outdoor container with organic solution each visit.


Commercial Collection

We service all types of commercial properties, including offices, apartments, restaurants, & more.


Our crew will remove waste on a routine schedule as described above.  We recommend scheduling visits at least 2x a week.

Coffee Ground

Vegetables and Fruits

Tea Bags

Eggs Shells

Paper Towels

Cardboard, i.e. pizza box

*Meat, Dairy, & Bones



Nitrate Gloves

Saran Wrap

We urge that you are mindful of putting only compostable items out for collection.  We must sift through the compost by hand as part of quality control for our compost.
*We will accept Meat, Diary, & Bones for an additional $3 per visit for residential clients
For commercial clients, we will create a custom proposal