Food Waste Collection

Townhome Landscapes collects food waste and drops it off at the PG Organics facility, where it is converted into Leafgro® compost.  Our sealed, lockable containers keep odor and pests under control.  Each visit, our crew will collect the client's food waste, clean the container, and restock it with a compostable bag.  Food Waste Collection service launches April 1, 2020.

Click                    to order food waste collection.  Our Head of Sales will follow up with a proposal and additional info.

Benefits of Composting

We are excited you are thinking about composting!  Click below to learn more about the benefits.


Service Categories

Food waste collection service is available for all property types.  For residential properties, we visit on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  For all other properties, we create a custom proposal.


Items You Can Compost

Coffee Ground

Vegetables and Fruits

Tea Bags

Eggs Shells

Paper Towels

Cardboard, i.e. pizza box

Meat, Dairy, & Bones



Nitrate Gloves

Saran Wrap

We urge that you are mindful of putting only compostable items out for collection.  We must sift through the compost by hand as part of quality control for our compost.  Have a question about an item, call or text us at 202-684-2477
*We will accept Meat, Diary, & Bones for an additional $3 per visit for residential clients
For commercial clients, we will create a custom proposal

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