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Sending Photos to Townhome Landscapes

To prepare a quote quicker, we often ask (potential) clients to send us photos, to efficiently communicate the scope of their project.  Don't worry if you can't or prefer not to send photos, it is not necessary.  Have questions or concerns, you can always give us a call.

How it Works

1) Take As Many Photos of the Outdoor Areas to be Serviced as part of this project
If More than 10 Photos are Required,  We Will Likely Need to Schedule a Free Site Assessment.

2) Email Photos To Yourself & Download The Files
To Transfer Photos From Your Phone, Send Them to Your Inbox.

3) Open Photos in Paint App or Similar App

4) Label Photos & Save
Add Numbers/Labels to Specific Sections of the Photo to reference in your Description in Step 5.  See Below

5) Send Labeled Photos To Townhome Landscapes
a) Create a New Email. 
B) Attach the labeled photos to the email.  
C) the Subject Should be "Labeled Photos - [Your Address]". 
D) The Body Should Include a Description of the Attached Photos.
E) Send the Email to

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