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Routine Service

We deliver premium routine maintenance in a sustainable manner.  We offer turf maintenance, flower bed maintenance on a weekly or bi-weekly frequency.  For commercial properties, we tailor a custom plan.  Contract with Townhome Landscapes for multiple routine services to earn significant savings.


Below are brief descriptions of the routine services our clients choose. 

Visit our FAQTerms & Conditions page for a comprehensive understanding of what Townhome Landscapes routine service entails.

Turf Maintenance

Starting at $20 a visit, we use commercial grade battery powered equipment to reduce noise and carbon emissions.  Our equipment is well maintained and crew well trained to protect the health of your lawn.


Each visit includes:

- mowing and trimming the lawn,

- edging all borders of the lawn,

- clearing walkways of weeds, and

- hauling away excess debris for composting.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Our crew maintains designated flower beds on a monthly basis through weeding and/or shrub trimming.  We pull weeds by the roots and are cognizant of the health of your plants when pruning/trimming to ensure the proper shape without harming/killing the plant.   We will clean up and haul away all debris while being cognizant of not disturbing mulch.

Waste Collection

We collect food waste and turn it into compost.  This service is available for all property types.  For residential properties, we visit on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  For all other properties, we create a custom proposal.  Our sealed, lockable containers keep odor and pests under control.   


Each visit, our crew will

- collect the client's food waste

- clean the container

- restock it with a compostable bag


We weigh the food we collect and deliver an end of the year report to quantify the amount of food waste each client diverts from the landfill.  Visit our Food Waste Collection Page to learn more about our food waste collection service and the need to divert food waste from landfills.